Somali Mom Who Fled Civil War Can't Hold Back Tears At Daughter's Grad

A Somali refugee who fled during its civil war couldn't hold back tears when she got to see her daughter graduate from Middlesex University.

To most parents, their children's graduation is an emotional time.

But for this Somali mother, who had fled the civil war in her home country, watching her daughter graduate from Middlesex University was so incredibly moving that it brought her to tears, according to The Cut.

The daughter, named Ramla Tyrow, captured a short video of her mother's reaction to her accomplishment, and it's gone viral on Twitter — understandably so.

"Mama you ran from a civil war so I could be safe & get the education you didn't," the daughter's, whose Twitter handle is @Ramla_Ty, caption read. "Today you cried when you saw me in my robe. Did it for you."

According to Middlesex University's Twitter, Tyrow graduated with a Bachelor's degree in psychology and counseling.

Tyrow later tweeted: "My mother has become bulletproof whilst her heart remained golden through all the pain & sacrifice."

Somalia has endured about two decadesof civil war, which began in 1991, BBC reported. The country was split in two from rival warlords. Stability began in around 2012 when a government backed by international powers was established.  

Tyrow and her mother's story serves as a powerful reminder of the perseverance and determination of many refugees.

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