Waiting Room Kept Their TV In Its Box And The Internet Is Confused

A Reddit user's wife noticed a TV still in its box hanging on the wall of a waiting room and snapped a photo. You can imagine what happened next.

Men watching TV.

It’s not every day that you see an unopened TV set just hanging on a wall, so when a woman noticed one at a CSL Plasma, she snapped a photo of the unusual display. 

Reddit user TechN3ck shared the image, saying his wife noticed an unopened TV set hanging from a wall in a waiting room. In no time, Redditors started replying, providing some of the most hilarious scenarios for the given image.

My wife just sent me this picture from a waiting room. from funny

While the Redditor who uploaded the image said there’s no story behind the picture, some netizens speculated that the photographer must like “watching boxes,” or that, perhaps, the TV was put up that way because the maintenance personnel hadn’t gotten to it yet.

Others, however, even brought up Black Friday and the possibility that a rogue employee simply would not hang up the TV correctly because that was not his or her job.

Comment from discussion My wife just sent me this picture from a waiting room..


Still, other Redditors said that this practice is fairly common, as sometimes, a box is placed over a TV to protect from debris or paint.

While Carbonated.TV contacted the Redditor behind this image to ask more details, he has yet to reach back.

Regardless of what happened before the boxed TV was put up on the wall, it turned out to be quite a hilarious sight.

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