Son’s Epic Christmas Present For Mother Nearly Gives Her Heart Attack

Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones, and this young man travelled more than 5,000 miles just to surprise his mother over the holidays.

Enda Conway moved to San Francisco from Ireland for work and hadn’t seen his mother in four months. Previously when in Dublin, they would meet up every week, but that was no longer possible due to the distance and time required for commute.

"I used to travel from Dublin every week to see her. Mum lives alone and I'm the youngest, so those four months seemed like a lot longer,” Conway told Mashable.

But no obstacle in the world was going to stop him from spending Christmas with his mother. The young man therefore took two planes, five taxis and one train to come home during the holidays, and finally made it to his mother’s house in Claremorris, County Mayo, Ireland.

He then waited for about an hour for her to get home before giving her the gift of a lifetime.

Conway recorded a video of his mother’s priceless reaction as she entered the house and saw him standing right in front of her eyes.

Initially perplexed, the woman screamed before walking up to her son, ready to hug him. But then she sat down, stood up and then sat down again, seemingly confused about what to do with herself.

The final few seconds of the video show her standing up and moving forward to finally embrace her son and looks relieved to have him around.

The heartwarming video posted on Facebook has received 26,000 views up till now and internet users are leaving comments expressing how they felt.

“Awh Love it Enda..... you made her Christmas ,she would of been heart broken with out her baby for Christmas xx,” one person wrote.

“Jesus Enda I thought she was actually going to die,” another commented.

Check out the epic video above.

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