Bangladesh Stands Up For School Teacher Following Public Humiliation

Authorities suspended a high school principal, Shyamal Kanti Bhakta, after a local lawmaker forced him to squat and hold his ears in front of a violent mob.

Hundreds in Bangladesh are seeking apology from a disgraced school principal who was publicly humiliated for his alleged derogatory comments about Islam.

Shyamal Kanti Bhakta, headmaster of Piyar Sattar Latif High School, was beaten up by an angry mob and made to do sit-ups holding his ears — a form of punishment usually handed out to primary school students in South Asia. It all happened in the presence of local lawmaker Selim Osman.

The disturbing incident took place on Friday under somewhat unclear circumstances and sparked outrage and disgust among citizens, many of who took to social media to express their anger at the country’s government.

In a unique show of solidarity with Bhakta, who has now been suspended, hundreds across the country posted their own pictures on social media in the same embarrassing position.

The viral movement has also given birth to hashtag #SorrySir.

Bangladesh Stands

Public Humiliation

Bhakta, who is Hindu, has denied the accusations against him. He even told local media he was a “victim of a conspiracy by the management committee.”

Following the backlash, the country’s education ministry has launched an investigation into the matter.

School Teacher Following

Bangladesh Stands

The incident occurred at a time when extremists are targeting secular writers, bloggers, professors and members of religious minorities in the country.



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