South Asians Are Not Falling For Trump's Racist Pandering

The video features a group of South Asian actors, writers and artists appealing to immigrants to not vote for Trump because “he’s not with you.”

A recent Indian ad featuring Donald Trump was the business mogul’s desperate attempt at gaining votes from Indian-Americans.

The video showed the orange-haired attention-seeker taking part in the Diwali celebrations alongside Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Trump then said, “Ab ki baar Trump sarkaar,” which translates to, "This time, we're with Trump's government." 

Unfortunately, all his efforts at speaking Hindi and saying, “We love the Hindus,” have gone to waste as South Asian writers, actors and artists have come up with an ad campaign against the Republican candidate.

The two-minute commercial titled #VoteAgainstHate features celebrities like Sheetal Sheth, Arjun Gupta and Utkarsh Ambudkar appealing to immigrants to note vote for Trump, claiming that his racist, sexist, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric makes him undeserving of being the next commander-in-chief.

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They even compared him to Hitler.

At one point, the ad even suggests a comparison to Adolf Hitler. “Because even if you’re not with her, he’s not with you,” an artist said.

“I’m a father, I’m the child of immigrants, I’m a South Asian American, I’m a Desi American, I’m a mother and I approve this message,” the video ended.

Indian Americans have a history of voting for Democratic candidates.

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