South Korean Figure Skater With Double Sunglasses Wins The Internet

The amazing sunglasses-under-sunglasses move has transformed the South Korean figure skater into an internet sensation.



This year’s Winter Olympics have been great so far, with lots of athletes making history, and, obviously, winning medals.

Some athletes won gold, some silver and some bronze but South Korean figure skater Alex Kang-chan Kam just won the World Wide Web with his sunglasses.

Yes, that’s right. The 22-year-old, who skates with Kim Kyu-eun, just gave his colleagues a style competition as he looked directly in the camera and took off his fancy sunglasses, only to reveal another pair beneath them.

The amazing sunglasses-under-sunglasses move has transformed Kam into the meme-lord of the Winter Olympics. His video was first shared by the Southern Sports Nation, and it quickly garnered a whopping 16,000 retweets and 382,000 views.

The Olympian also dabbed thrice on camera during the opening ceremony, further delighting the world.

When questioned about his legendary sunglasses action, he told BuzzFeed, "My Korean teammates were shining so brightly on the ice that I needed two layers of shade." He mentioned how he was preparing to become a meme "since before birth" and expected a couple of screenshots from his friends watching, but did not expect "this memesplosion."

"I've peaked. This is the single greatest achievement of my life. I can die happy now," he added.

“THAT WAS ME DABBING TOO AHAHAHHA!!! I wanna make this Olympics a very MEMEorable one!!!!” he mentioned on Reddit.

Meanwhile, the internet couldn’t help but celebrate their new hero.










Thumbnail/Banner: Reuters, Lucy Nicholson 

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