Father’s Rejection Letter To Son Sparks Hilarity On Internet

A father rejects his son’s request for more money by writing him a formal letter of rejection and submitting it on Reddit.

A father perfectly shutdown his kid’s demand for more money in a spectacular way.

After his son requested $20 to buy some toys, the St. Louis father penned a brilliant note of rejection to explain in detail to his son that he was not made of money.

The rejection letter from “DAD Savings and Loan” was submitted on Reddit by the boy’s parents citing the reasons for rejection: insufficient funds and a history of not doing chores.

Rejection To Son Demanding Money

Fortunately, the father did leave his son with some leeway — the kid was given an option to appeal to his mom, whose number was given in the original letter.

Seems like America is finally producing wise parents who perceive it as their duty to instill manners and values in their kids.

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The Redditors had a field day analyzing the note and writing their opinions about it.

Rejection To Son Demanding Money

Some people have added the note has inspired them to instill the value of importance of money in their kids. Others have written stories about what their kids have to do to earn money or to access a privilege.

St. Louis Dad Letter Of Rejection To Son Demanding Money

Many Redditors do agree on one thing though: “Because Apparently I Look Like I’m Made Of Money” is the best slogan ever.

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