Starbucks Customer Fights Off Armed Robber, Gets Stabbed

A hero costumer thwarted a robbery by beating down an armed attacked.

Too often, the lines between bravery and idiocy get blurred. What one gutsy Starbucks customer in Frenso, California, did was easily in the murky territory where his act of courage could have easily crossed over to become the biggest mistake of his life.

Cragg Jerri was at the Starbucks when he saw an armed robber get in and demand money from an employee. Jerri picked up a chair, got behind Ryan Michael Florez, the alleged robber, and struck him from behind.

Florez then allegedly stabbed Jerri in the struggle that ensued. Jerri also managed to wrest the knife away from the robber's hands and stabbed him twice.

“It’s not something we recommend. In this case, it was a good outcome,” Police Chief Jerry Dyer said. “No one died as a result of this incident, but very well could have. But nonetheless, he’s a hero. There’s no question.”

According to the police, Florez drove away in a truck and fled the scene but was later captured. Initially, he claimed he was a victim of the robbery, however, he later confessed to his crime, police said.

Jerri is a sales director for Frito-Lay, is a regular at the Starbucks and knows the baristas.

The suspect still remains in hospital. However, once discharged he will be charged with attempted armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.



Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, Lucy Nicholson

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