Man Sipping Starbucks During Deadly Flood Is The Hero We All Need

While the rest of the Hong Kong was looking for a shelter from heavy rainfall and floods, “Starbucks Uncle” was fearlessly poring over his newspaper.

With Hong Kong bracing for a super typhoon while battling heavy rainstorm and floods, most citizens are just trying to stay indoors and keep themselves warm and dry — well, all but for one heroic man, who wouldn’t even let the deadly weather interrupt his precious coffee routine.

An elderly man, whom the internet has come to love and admire, became an overnight viral sensation after someone spotted him enjoying a cup of coffee while reading a newspaper in a flooded Starbucks.

In fact, social media users already dubbed him as “Starbucks Uncle” — because he is evidently the kind of man who would brave a wet socks and shoes situation in order to get his Starbucks fix.

The photo first appeared on Facebook by TV Most, along with the caption: “Huh? The newspaper said that it would be raining today! But I forgot to bring my umbrella.”

As the BBC reports, a 23-year-old medical worker Kristy Chan captured the moment. She was apparently taking photos to show her family how bad the floods were when she came across the man seated near the entrance to a mall.

“Of course I didn't expect it would go viral,” Chan said. “It was quite funny. Maybe he already has that many life experiences so the flood didn't bother him at all.”

This Starbucks is in a mall in Hong Kong’s Chai Wan district. However, Starbucks Uncle was not the only patron there, according to an employee, who said there were other people in the coffee shop — though no one probably as fearless as the elderly man.

As is usual in such situations, the Starbucks Uncle turned into a huge meme with online users Photoshopping him in a variety of natural disasters

Someone even gave him a headphone-wearing sidekick:

Then there was this…

and this

 Someone posted the picture on Reddit and inspired these memes:

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Mark Makela 

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