Steampunk Makeover On Disney Princesses And Characters Are Bizarre And Amazing

MecaniqueFairy has an awesome new twist on our favorite Disney characters.

Steampunk is a genre that combines science fiction, fantasy, and 19th century steam-powered industrial machinery. It has gained traction in recent years as a fashion statement closely associated with the cyberpunk movement. The style is often used in stories or events about a post-apocalyptic future.

It was only a matter of time until Disney got a steampunk makeover. The designs, posted by MecaniqueFairy on DeviantArt, are imaginative, awesome, and bizarre all at the same time. Some of these would be amazing Halloween costumes, especially the last one on this list. 

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Disney steampunk


Belle from Beauty and the BeastDisney steampunk


Merida from BraveMerida

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Captain Hook from Peter PanCaptain Hook




Cruella De Ville from 101 DalmationsCruella De Ville


Queen Elsa from FrozenQueen Elsa

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The Evil Queen and the Mirror on the Wall from Snow White and the Seven DwarfsEvil Queen


Hades from HerculesHades


Sally and Jack from The Nightmare Before ChristmasSally and Jack


Princess Jasmine from AlladinPrincess Jasmine

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King Triton from The Little MermaidKing Triton


Lilo and StitchLilo and Stitch


Maleficent from Sleeping BeautyMaleficent


Mickey Mouse and Minnie MouseMickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

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The Queen of Hearts from Alice in WonderlandThe Queen of Hearts

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Rapunzel from Tangled



Scar from The Lion KingThe Lion King


Snow White from Snow White and the Seven DwarvesSnow White


Tinker Bell from Peter PanTinker Bell

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Ursula from The Little MermaidUrsula


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