Comey's Testimony Turns Into Comic Gold With Colbert As A Senator

Stephen Colbert transformed himself into a Senate member in a mock hearing, asking ex-FBI Director James Comey some pertinent questions.


Stephen Colbert showed the world how amusing ex-FBI Director James Comey’s Senate hearing could have been had the comedian been there.

Inserting himself as a Senate member in a mock senate hearing video, Colbert started off jubilantly, singing , “Let’s get this party started!” as he snapped his fingers while eating some popcorn.

“Mr. Chairman, can I just cut in here?” he proceeded, interrupting committee chairman Richard Burr, as he made the opening remarks.

The host introduced himself and thanked his imaginary colleges. “Stephen Colbert. I’d like to thank my colleagues for allowing me to be in here. And I do call you my colleagues even though I’m not a senator.”

He then asked the ex-FBI director a very pertinent question about Russians meddling in last year’s presidential elections. “Mr. Comey, is there any evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia?”

“Not a question I can answer in an open setting,” replied Comey. To which, Colbert made a special arrangement, “What if we made a pillow fort. Would you tell me in there?”

The answer was negative.

“I got to know, you got to give me something. Can you give me a hint?” Colbert insisted. Still no.

“How about I ask a question in a different way?” Colbert continued. “Let’s say you had an orange cat — really fat and lies a lot. Would the cat enjoy drinking vodka?”

After Comey told him it was difficult to comment on the situation in the abstract, Colbert asked him one final question, “I will make this easy for you. You don’t even have to respond with words. Just signal me in any way,” he explained, before getting to the bombshell question.

“Did Donald Trump collude with the Russians?”

And the camera zoomed in to Comey, who signaled by scratching his nose.


Following the mock session, Colbert dug deeper into Comey’s testimony, wishing everyone a Happy St. Comey’s Day. He also spoke about the juicy details of Comey’s meeting with Trump.

“Comey, opened his testimony by talking about why he thinks he lost his job,” explained the comedian.

“When I was appointed FBI director in 2013, I understood that I served at the pleasure of the president,” said Comey. Colbert spoofed his statement with this hard hitting punch line. “And then when I read the Russia dossier, I saw what gave the president pleasure and I thought, oh no!”

Watch Colbert’s complete hilarious analysis in the video above. 

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