Student Continues Racist ‘Trend’ Of Posing In Blackface On Snapchat

Another college student has insulted African-Americans by posing in blackface on social media and poking fun at the Black Lives Matter movement.

A Snapchat video of a white Albright College student in blackface while mocking the Black Lives Matter movement has sparked outrage.

In the clip, the student’s face is painted brown and she can be heard saying, “Black Lives Matter” before dancing provocatively in front of the camera, according to BBC News.

Ironically, just two weeks ago Albright College received an award for its commitment to diversity. However, they’ve now had to issue a formal apology as a result of the racist video which was recorded in one of the Pennsylvania school’s residence halls.

"We unequivocally condemn the behavior in the video," Lex O. McMillan III, president of the university, said. "It is unacceptable by any member of our community and in no way represents the values of Albright."

McMillan claims the student in the video expressed “deep remorse” after coming forward once the video began to spread.

While the college is reportedly still considering what disciplinary action to take, outraged members of the campus community are demanding that all those involved be expelled.

"Why did she think that was okay? How was that appropriate? Like, how did that come about?" student Dymond Bullock rhetorically asked reporters.

The real issue here is that this is at least the third incident of its kind in a matter of weeks.

A former Kansas State University student and a Quinnipiac University student each executed almost the exact same stunt and they also both posted the evidence on Snapchat.

The popular social media outlet seems to offer a false sense of privacy to users who believe their content truly disappears after 24 hours.

It is becoming disturbingly clear that the plight of African-Americans has become nothing more than a punchline to many people. It’s simply not funny, and that shouldn’t even need to be said.

Adding insult to injury, each student who has gotten caught doing something like this eventually issues a statement in which they insist they are not racist and they were only “joking.”

But, since when did the killings of innocent people at alarming rates become a laughing matter? 

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