Pupil Punches Teacher In The Face, Get's KO'd By A Classmate

A fight between two students turned ugly when the teacher intervened to split them up and ended up getting smacked in return.

A shocking video released via LiveLeak shows a fight between two students in a classroom get absolutely out of hand when their teacher tried to intervene.

The video shows female teacher trying to break up the fight between a boy in a red hoodie and another in black, when she gets slapped in the face and falls to the ground.

However, one student who surely wasn’t going to allow his teacher to be humiliated like that, promptly jumps into the scene and punches the other kid in the head.

“Watch the f*** out, you just hit the fucking teacher,” he said.

“Chill your s***, you just hit the f***ing teacher, you don’t f***ing do that. Who the f*** do you think you are?” he added.

The teacher, who left the room after taking the punch, soon reappears and once again attempts to break up the fight. However, the overprotective student tries to keep her out.

“He just f***ing hit you, that’s not cool.”

The name of the school or that of the teacher and students involved remains unknown. However, the video has been making rounds on social media.

People are debating whether the boy intentionally hit the teacher, or in fact mistook her to be a student in the haste of the moment.

“He hit her by accident, he didn’t stand up for s***, he just got mad,” one person wrote.

“Today's kids... I wasn't allowed to have a cell phone in the 2nd grade.” another internet user commented.

Others said the boy who stood up for his teacher had “other intentions” and that there was “nothing noble” in what he did.

Whatever the case may be, incidents like these are not rare in the United States — or in other countries, for that matter.

Just recently, an argument between a student and teacher over tardiness spiraled into a fist fight when either party refused to back off. The violent exchange continued for two whole minutes and spread into the hallway, but no one stepped in or attempted to pull the two apart.

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