Student Uses N-Word, Threatens To Kill Classmate In Facebook Rant

A University of Alabama student was suspended from the institution after his racially-charged threats on social media were reported.

university of alabama

A University of Alabama student has been suspended and removed from campus after writing disturbing posts to another student on Facebook.

Ryan Parish repeatedly berated a classmate, making racially-charged comments such as “I’ll kick your black a**” and “I’ll kill you n***er don’t speak to me wrong.”

According to The Root, it is unclear what exactly sparked Parish’s vulgar tirade, but his crass comments ultimately caught to him. His posts were found in the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange Facebook group.

Screenshots of Parish’s comments were posted on Twitter by a user whose handle is @JCOM42 — he happens to be the fellow student who was on the receiving end of Parish's rant.

He tweeted the images directly to the University of Alabama and asked, “Just wondering if you are aware and condone threats from students in this manner?”

WARNING: Posts contain strong language that may be offensive to some readers.

While Parish's account has since been deactivated, he went back into the group to apologize before initiating his hiatus.

A screenshot of his apology was also posted on Twitter. He expressed remorse and asked for forgiveness, to which one commenter named Bryant Powers simply replied, “No.”

As expected, the screenshots have gone viral, prompting the university to release official statements about the incident and assuring that the institution does not condone or tolerate such behavior from its students.

One of the screenshots from Parish’s profile, shared by black activist Shaun King, appears to show that he used an image of a Confederate flag as his cover photo, which most know to be a symbol of racism and white supremacy.

With that said, Parish probably isn’t at all sorry about what he said, but sorry that he’s facing consequences and public scrutiny as a result. 

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