Student's Perfect Response To Discouraging Stepdad Goes Viral

On the eve of his graduation, a young man from Detroit showed the world that not even all the discouragement in the world can keep him down.

graduate studentsSometimes, discouragement comes from those who are supposed to be our most enthusiastic cheerleaders.

Unfortunately, that was the case with student Daivon Reeder. Fortunately, however, he did not let discouragement get the best of him.

On the eve of graduating from Eastern Michigan University, 22-year-old Reeder used Twitter to share a quick story of personal achievement.

Sharing a photo of himself in his cap and gown, Reeder wrote that his stepfather was everything but encouraging when the young man decided to seek a higher education. In the end, the student proved his stepdad wrong.



In just a couple hours, Reeder's tweet had gone viral in Detroit, Michigan. Soon enough, it caught the attention of the entire country. In an interview with local station WDIV4, Reeder was then featured, and his story became an overnight sensation.

“[I have] the average, typical, inner-city Detroit boy story,” Reeder said.



Growing up “constantly moving houses,” the graduate told the news agency, his mother struggled to make ends meet for him and his three younger siblings. To make matters worse, his stepdad wasn't always around. But as he grew older and he heard his stepdad's comment about his education goals, Reeder thought it best to let things run their course.

“I kind of heard that and I was like OK, I’ll show you,” he told reporters.

In the end, Reeder did show his stepfather who was right. Now, with a degree in criminal justice and a minor in military science, the young man has a great success story to share with the world.

“I’m just a first generation college kid from Detroit trying to beat the odds,” he later told BuzzFeed News, “[and] I guess people can relate to a humble beginning.”

And he was right. As his tweet was widely shared, many related to the young man's story of perseverance and dedication.





Unlike his stepfather, who's not even around to get a taste of how successful his stepson is, Reeder is now not only an internet sensation, but a man with a future — and all thanks to his dedication.

Can't beat that.

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