Entire High School Lines Up To Send Off Retiring Teacher

Every student at a French high school came together to say goodbye to one of their beloved gym teachers with the most heartwarming show of appreciation.

Teachers often don't receive the credit they deserve as educators who are instrumental in molding adolescent lives.

Some teachers go through their entire careers never knowing just how appreciated they are, but one high school gym teacher in France got the send-off of a lifetime before going into retirement.

Alain Donnat, 63, has been a gym teacher for nearly 40 years. Friday was his last day of work at College Paul Fort, a high school located in Is-sur-Tille, Cote-d'Or, France, BuzzFeed reports.

Students from the school gave him a grand departure by forming an honor guard as he made his way out of the building.

All 700 students in the school participated by lining up on either side of the hallway along the campus and applauding Donnat as he walked through.

He appeared to be very moved by the gesture, and as he reached the exit, he waved goodbye to the adoring crowd while they chanted his name.

Donnat's wife, Muriel, posted footage from the heartwarming moment on Facebook, which has garnered more than a million views and counting. “It was a magical moment,” Donnat said of the experience.

“The reason I had energy up to the very last day is thanks to my students passing it on to me,” he continued. “We need to change our perception of young people.”

It seems Donnat learned as much from his students over the years as they learned from him. 

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