Stunning Photo Of A ‘Fogbow’ Is Captivating The Internet

A photographer witnessed one of nature’s rare beauties when he spotted an incredible white rainbow known as a “fogbow” looming over a Scottish moor.

If you have never seen a white rainbow, then you are in the same boat as most of us. However, today is your lucky day.

On Sunday, during a photo shoot in Glencoe, Scotland, photographer Melvin Nicholson captured a stellar image of a “fogbow,” or white rainbow, which had appeared in the sky.

"I was shooting with a friend of mine Scott Robertson when he mentioned that a fogbow was appearing due to the sun burning off the mist," Nicholson reportedly told Mashable. "I moved into position and photographed the tree centrally positioned under the fog bow. Scott also captured a similar image."

The picturesque natural phenomenon was spotted on Rannoch Moor near Glencoe.

"It is a spectacular place flanked by mountains on either side and is elevated in height, hence why it attracts the snow and cold weather," Nicholson said.

Prior to witnessing it with his own eyes and camera lens, Nicholson didn't know that fogbows were a thing. Apparently, the white rainbows are formed when the sun reflects from the small droplets of water in foggy or misty conditions.

"I am just so pleased that people are getting to know that fogbows exist as it appears few people do, including me before Sunday," he said.

The photo of the white rainbow went viral after being posted to Nicholson’s Instagram.

"The photograph has received tremendous reaction worldwide and has featured in several of the national press overnight," he said. "National Geographic have been in contact as have several news channels across the world. It has been a very busy, but hugely interesting, 24 hours, that's for sure."

Needless to say, Nicholson was definitely in the right place at the right time. Who better to catch such a remarkable sight on film than a professional photographer?

Make no mistake about it; the image of this fogbow is simply breathtaking. 

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