Subway Riders In Stitches Over YouTuber’s Trump-Related Book Titles

What better way to troll America than by making fun of its president-elect with fake books targeting all of his indiscretions and shadiness.


Since we can’t turn back the hands of time to before Donald Trump was America’s president-elect, we have to come to terms with our soon-to-be commander in chief the best way possible — with laughter.

Scott Rogowsky of the YouTube series “Running Late” shared his latest video titled, “Taking Fake Books on Subway: UNPRESIDENTED EDITION,” which depicts New York City subway riders’ reactions to Trump-related fake books he appears to be reading on his commute.

The fabricated book titles epically troll Trump, his campaign, his family, and a few of his cronies, including Vice President-elect Mike Pence, Newt Gingrich, and Steve Bannon.

Rogowsky’s reading materials elicited subtle chuckles from commuters who happened to glance in his direction and catch a glimpse of “How to Succeed in Business without Paying Your Contractors” or “Fantastic Nukes & Where to Drop Them,” among others.

People’s candid reactions to Rogowsky’s brilliant book titles exemplify what an embarrassing joke the next four years is expected to be.  

In addition to being hilarious, Rogowsky’s video also serves a humanitarian purpose. As noted at the end of the clip, all YouTube ad revenue from the video will be donated to Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union — so enjoy, laugh, and share at our president-elect’s expense.  

Banner Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Mtattrain

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