Stupid Teens Filmed 'Subway Surfing' Behind Packed NYC Train

“This is a serious situation; anyone can fall off and die. Please do not do this for likes on Instagram or Facebook”

A group of thrill seeking teenagers decided to risk their lives and hitch a ride hanging onto the back of a subway train in New York after they couldn’t get inside the carriage.

The video posted online by Alex Campos shows three teenagers climbing aboard the rear of the packed train right as it departs the station.  The boys looked clearly pleased with themselves, and one can even being seen giving a salute to the crowded platform. They gave a distinct impression subway surfing was something they had done before.

Campos said he was at the 149th Street-Grand Concourse Station in the Bronx when he spotted the teens climbing onto the back of the train.

“We see a bunch of kids like trying to squeeze into the train and then they realize they can't fit in so instead of waiting for the next train to come they decide to get on the back of the train. I'm like they're stupid. Why are they getting on the back of the train, they could fall off,” said Campos.

He then quickly pulled out his phone and began recording.

NYPD said, two of the three teens who were caught on video were ticketed. They were issued citations for trespassing and released into their parents' custody. However, they are still looking for the third teen seen in the video. They will have to appear in court where they may receive a fine.

"This is a serious situation; anyone can fall off and die. Please do not do this for likes on Instagram or Facebook. Don't do this at all, it's very dangerous, extremely dangerous," said Bishop David Maldonado, NYPD clergy liaison.

Subway surfing is gaining popularity around the world and is one of the most extreme sports doing the rounds on social media in recent months. It is a dangerous stunt that turns fatal every year.

Recently, a British teenage free runner died after a rail accident on the Paris Metro. He was a member of a train surfing crew seen on the metro line 6. However, his friends deny that he was train surfing at the time of the incident.



Not long ago, a subway surfer was decapitated in Manhattan after falling from the train. The unidentified man fell from the outside of a Brooklyn-bound F train as it rolled into the W. Fourth St. station.

Numerous videos of train surfing attempts have been shared on social media from around the world.







Banner / Thumbnail Credit :  Reuters

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