NFL Plans To Tackle Domestic Violence With Powerful Super Bowl PSA

A campaign that raises public awareness and shows how one text can make a difference.

Among some of the hilarious and controversial ads at this year's Super Bowl, there are some more serious spots that shed light on important topics. One of them is from the anti-domestic violence organization No More.

The NFL, which came under fire last year for how it handled player domestic violence cases, teamed up with the No More campaign for a powerful re-enactment of how a woman, who’s no longer safe in her own home, is reaching out for help.

The campaign raises public awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault in communities across the nation. The commercial was inspired by a viral story posted to Reddit last year, where a user who claimed to be a police dispatcher told of a woman calling 911 to order a pizza.

The other 30-second ad is just a series of texts between friends on Super Bowl Sunday. The exchange shows a woman's reluctance to come to a Super Bowl party at a friend's house because she fears her partner is in "one of his moods."

When questioned further, she also remains silent about her well-being. The underlying theme is that most victims are unable to discuss an abusive relationship.  

At the end of the spot, viewers are directed to text No More to find out how they can help.

The half-minute ad, created by Grey New York, will run in the third quarter during time donated by the NFL, which also picked up production costs.

Ads like this are super important in spreading the word about how to recognize if you or a friend is in a dangerous relationship. They'll have an audience of more than 100 million people expected to tune in to see the Super Bowl on Sunday.

This is the second time the league has partnered up with the organization for a PSA.

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