Surfer Survives 16 Hours At Sea With Nothing But His Board

A Japanese surfer got caught in a strong current while catching some waves off the east coast of Australia and was miraculously rescued 16 hours later.

One Japanese surfer is lucky to be alive after being lost at sea for 16 hours.

The unnamed 37-year-old surfer was catching some waves on the east coast of Australia when he was swept up by a strong current and sent nearly four miles out into the ocean, Mashable reports.

"He was attempting to paddle back in for six hours before he ran out of energy and drifted at sea," Inspector Darren Wood from the Marine Area Command of NSW Police told ABC News.

After being rescued by sailors on a container ship, he was given food, dry clothes, and blankets while the crew waited for a pilot boat to bring him to shore. 

He was reportedly taken to Wollongong Hospital for fluid replacement and to be checked out, but he was released soon after.

"The risk would be hypothermia from exposure to the elements, and drowning, should he have become separated from the board,” Port Kembla Water Police Sergeant Sean Netting told local reporters. “Most people that get themselves in that situation die. He's just so lucky that someone on ship spotted him.”

"He was in remarkably good spirits and basically had no [health] issues at all. He's a survivor,” Netting added.

The fact that the surfer managed to stay afloat for so long and was rescued by sailors who just happened to spot him is nothing short of a miracle.

His remarkable rescue serves as a reminder to not take life for granted. 

Banner Photo Credit: Pixabay, Unsplash

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