Surveillance Footage Shows Police Officer Kicking A Man In Handcuffs

In this disturbing surveillance clip, a police officer can be seen kicking and pointing his pistol at a handcuffed man who is lying helplessly on the ground.

It’s not every day that a cop is arrested for abusing his power, but on Friday an officer in Louisiana was arrested and fired for assaulting a suspect in handcuffs after new surveillance footage was revealed.

The Daily Beast reported that an officer in Gretna, Louisiana was caught on camera kicking and pointing his gun at a handcuffed man who was lying on the ground. 

Police officer Robert Wallow, 47, was charged with simple battery and malfeasance in office for his misconduct. “This was not one of the brightest days of the Gretna Police Department,” said Arthur Lawson, Gretna’s police chief, in an understatement.

The suspect, who is shown being physically assaulted by Wallow in the surveillance footage, was identified as Carlos Gustavo Pineda. Back on April 22, Pineda was being held for suspicion of burglary. 

However, Pineda's crime is largely irrelevant. No matter what crime he committed, there is no logical explanation which would redeem Wallow for taking advantage of the situation. Fortunately, not all law enforcement officials are this deplorable

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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