Caught On Video: Cameraman Pulls Man From Fiery Crash

A veteran videographer helped save a man’s life by dragging him from a stalled vehicle that burst into flames.

Austin Raishbrook, RMG News videographer, is being hailed as a hero after he ran across a freeway to pull a man out of his burning SUV in Los Angeles.

A dark colored SUV apparently stalled on the northbound side on the Freeway 110 — and then exploded. A video shows the terrifying moments when Raishbrook jumped into action, ultimately saving the driver’s life.


Raishbrook spends his nights covering crime scenes and accidents. It was a usual night for him until he saw the stalled SUV. He immediately pulled out his camera to record the incident. At that moment the SUV got into the fast lane and got side-swiped by two cars. That’s when he heard something that sounded like an explosion. Seconds later a dark-colored sports car slammed into the SUV.

The car burst into flames and spun several times across the freeway lanes, leaving the driver trapped inside. This forced him to leave his camera and take action.

“I could actually see the driver slumped over the steering wheel...I was met with heavy flames and smoke. I reached in and pulled him through, but I couldn't do it. I manage to wrestle his waist out of the lower belt and pull him free. It was quite an experience,” said Raishbrook.

Using the fire extinguisher, Raishbrook smashed one of the vehicle’s windows. He ran to the driver’s side door and managed to pop it open. As soon as the door opened, he was met by a wall of smoke and flames.

“I turned from a news cameraman into a rescuer, basically,” he said.

The man was rushed to local hospital by paramedics. He was initially reported critical but is now awake and responsive.

Raishbrook said he has seen hundreds of crashes, shootings and fires over his 20 years of work.

"I'll keep doing this till I can't get out of bed in the morning," said Raishbrook.

“I have gone through that scenario several times in my head. What would I do if I had to do it. I will always help first and shoot later,” he said.

Raishbrook suffered minor injuries from his dramatic rescue.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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