Sneaky Thief Tries To Rob Sunbathing Woman, Who Turns Out To Be A Cop

This would-be thief picked the wrong target. A man in Sweden, claiming to sell magazines for homeless people, went up to a group of women sunbathing in a park.

Although they didn’t buy anything from him, he kept lurking around — and that’s when one of the women, Mikaela Kellner, became suspicious of him.

As it turned out, the man was a thief who was using the magazines as a cover to steal phones. Fortunately, Kellner is a police officer with 11 years experience in the Stockholm Police Department — unbeknownst to the would-be thief.

When the man started to walk away from the women, one of them realized her phone was missing. Kellner immediately ran toward him before he could get away and tackled him.

“There was no time, so I ran after him, maybe 15 meters or so. One of my friends is also a police officer, so we got hold of him,” Kellner told The Local.



One of Kellner’s friends found the arrest rather amusing, more so since she was wearing her bikini, and posted it to Instragram, from where, quite predictably, it went viral.

“I did not hesitate. Had I been naked, I would have also intervened,” she told local Swedish tabloid “There was nothing stopping me, but it was a little comical that I grabbed him in a bikini.”

Had the thief known that Kellner was a police officer as well as  a fitness coach, he definitely wouldn’t have messed with her on her off-day…

Don’t you think?

Banner/thumbnail credit: REUTERS/Johan Nilsson/TT NEWS AGENCY

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