World War II Survivors Send Letters, Care Packages To Syrian Children

“I was living in Hamborg with my family in a city devastated by aerial bombings just like many Syrian cities are today,” wrote a World War II survivor in her letter.

More than 70 year ago, the victims of World War II received lifesaving packages from humanitarian organization, CARE.

Now, these survivors are paying it forward to Syrian children who have been displaced by the Syrian war and have sought refuge in Jordan.

The original recipients of the CARE packages write letters of hope to the children assuring them of better days ahead and give them inspiration by recounting their own ordeals during World War II.  The letters are also accompanied by gift boxes which contain many things that these children are now deprived of: chocolate, toys, colored pencils, books, food — and a chance to regain their childhood.

CARE, which facilitated the exchange, took videos of the emotional moments children received these packages. The organization hopes it efforts can provide some comfort to the displaced children of war-torn zones.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Pixabay user Pexels

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