Tai Chi ‘Master’ And MMA Fighter's Face-Off Ends In 10 Seconds Flat

A Tai chi master and a MMA fighter went head to head in a fight that lasted only 10 seconds. But who won?

A video of a fight between a mixed martial artist and a Tai chi master has been making rounds on the internet.

The fight, which lasts just 10 seconds, is a face -off between Wei Lei, known for his “thunder style” of Tai Chi, and Xu Xiaodong, a Beijing-based MMA fighter, coach and promoter known as “madman” for his ruthlessness.

Wei probably thought he was tough competition for Xu but hardly one second into the fight, he realized he was surely mistaken. Xu initially shadowed his opponent, as both the fighters looked like they didn’t want to make the first move. But soon enough, Xu attacked Wei and within seconds he was chasing Wei around, landing blow after blow on his face. He then took the Tai Chi master to the ground where he punched him incessantly until his face began bleeding. Bystanders were shocked as they watched the fight, and two helpers had to intervene to help back onto his knees. Wei, who was quite taken aback with the way the fight proceeded, can be seen wiping blood off his face as Xu flexes his muscles and celebrates in front of the crowd.

Apparently, before the match started Wei explained that his “thunder style” of fighting could not be compared with Chinese martial arts, given its strong history and background. He therefore said his technique was only that of a “primary student,” and true enough, the fight proved the same. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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