Taipei Metro Rolled Out Coaches With Sports Venue-Themed Floors

In the spirit of the Summer Universiade, Taipei has debuted subway cars with floors that look eerily just like actual athletic fields.

This is one form of public transportation that will make you feel like an Olympic champion during your morning commute.

In promotion of the Summer Universiade, which is also known as the World University Games, Taipei's subway system has debuted cars whose floors look like sporting venues, Mashable reported.


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We're talking about incredibly realistic-looking swimming pools, soccer fields, and running tracks. 


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Almost 10,000 college athletes from over 170 countries will visit Taipei to participate in the Summer Universiade. They will compete in 14 sports, plus three optional sports, in over 70 venues.


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Since 2011, the city has been hosting the tournament, which is on August 19 to the 30 this year.

Meanwhile, visitors and citizens alike get some athletic inspired Instagram shots.


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Thumbnail/banner image credit: Wikimedia Commons user Santeri Viinamaki 

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