Teacher Has The Best Reaction To Student's Secret Feminist Note

An elementary school student was caught sending notes in class but, instead of receiving punishment she's starting her own club to empower other young girls.

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As women's reproductive rights are constantly under attack and the United States is being led by a known misogynist who condones sexual assault, the need for feminist action is crucial.

International Women's Day this year has an even stronger meaning under President Donald Trump, and women and girls throughout the nation are making their resistance heard loud and clear.

If you don't believe us, just ask the fourth grade teacher who found a note passed by her student in class asking other classmates to join a women's empowerment group.

The note reads, "Do you want to join a club for female empowerment. We are the leaders."

Using the handle @SMLXist, Twitter user Elly shared a photo of the handwritten note and explained in her caption that her friend who teaches fourth grade found the slip of paper under a student's desk.

After the tweet went viral, Elly posted an update that said her friend has since asked her to help form and co-sponsor the club for the young girls, which has the full support of the school.

Upon speaking to the student who wrote the note, the teacher learned that her pupil wanted to create the club because boys had been telling her that girls can't do what they do.

Sadly, for most women that disparaging logic reflects a tale as old as time and continues to permeate the patriarchal society we live in.

The beauty in all of this though, is that this young girl has a teacher and an administration that is supportive of her mission to promote gender equality and female empowerment — which is more than we can say for our federal government.

Additionally, the student had the brilliant idea to turn a negative experience she went through into a positive one that benefits other girls, who are likely receiving the same damaging messages from boys and men in their own lives.

It's evident that she is well on her way to becoming an inspirational leader for women. Just in the fourth grade, she showed a level of strength and resilience that many adult women are still striving to find within themselves.

Kudos to this young feminist, and the adults backing her endeavors.  

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