Teacher Pulls Epic April Fool's Day Prank

"It's not even April!" a kid shouts at the end of the video, when teacher Joey Dombrowski finally makes his big reveal. "It's close enough," Dombrowski replies. Harsh.

This year, April Fool's came a little early. At least, it did for one fourth-grade class in Michigan, taught by Joey Dombrowski.

Dombrowski is now a viral Facebook sensation for pulling the greatest of pranks on his unsuspecting students — namely, a shockingly difficult spelling test. 

Seriously, we don't even think we could pass this language arts exam because every word on it was made up by none other than Dombrowski himself. 

Dombrowski captured the admittedly hilarious joke on film, much to our delight. 

"Alright, going through the list with the spelling," Dombrowski says. "You're checking your own list. Here we go."

The first word? Blorskee. 

"I lost my blorskee at a carnival," Dombrowski says, using the word in a sentence.

At this point, the students are somber and mostly silent. 

"The next word was 'tangeteen,'" Dombrowski says. "I eat my spaghetti with a tangeteen. That's t-a-n-g-e-t-e-e-n. Tangeteen." 

Now, the kids talk amongst themselves in their adorable confusion. 

The following word is quite the doozy: speekuzslmn.

"Look! There's a speekuzslmn," Dombrowski says. "S-p-e-e-k-u-z-s-l-m-n. There's silent letters at the end of that one."

At this point, the children are openly protesting, but Dombrowski throws a few more non-existent words their way before disclosing the stunt.

Poor kiddos. Let's hope they receive extra credit on the sole basis of good sportsmanship.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Flickr, Barry Pousman

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