Overjoyed Teacher Reacts To Students Gifting Him Vans For Christmas

A teacher got an epic holiday surprise from his students, when they chipped in to get him a pair of Vans he had recently complimented.

Taylor Kerby, a psychology teacher at Edgewood High School in West Covina, California, had recently complimented one of his students wearing a pair of Vans sneakers. What he didn’t know was that soon he would have his very own pair.

With the caption “He said he liked our classmate's Vans on the first day of school, so we pitched in and bought him his own pair,” one of his students posted a video on Twitter showing the moment Kerby unwrapped his Christmas gift.


“Oh my God,” the man exclaimed before his mouth fell wide open. “They’re red Vans. Guys, this is so sweet,” he continued sounding almost like an excited child.

“I’m the coolest guy on the block right now,” Kerby said as he wore his new shoes and laced them up.

Around 25 students from the class had each contributed $2 toward Kerby’s new shoes.

“This is why you asked for my shoe size. I was weirded out,” the teacher can be heard saying in the video.

The youngsters cheered and awwed as Kerby took a few steps around in his new footwear and shied away from photographs.

The teacher then took to Twitter himself to express his sentiments regarding the act of kindness from his students. He even admitted that he became  a “minor Twitter sensation.”


He also used his Facebook account to narrate the incident.

One of his students continued sharing images of him posing while wearing his new shoes.



The students’ act of kindness was surely welcomed by Kerby and there is no doubt (from his expressions) that they absolutely made his holidays way more special. Now he can flaunt his red shoes while meeting friends and family. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Pixabay, jarmoluk

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