Post-Election, Teacher Pens Note Vowing To Fight For Minority Students

In the wake of election chaos, a high school teacher posted an empowering note outside of his classroom reminding his students that they are loved.

In the days since Donald Trump was elected president, we’ve seen an influx of hate crimes and vicious threats against minorities, Muslims, and LGBT Americans.

Despite the fact that Trump has disavowed his white supremacist followers and asked his racist supporters to “stop it,” he is responsible for the division that we are witnessing by way of his toxic presidential campaign.

Trump ignited a hateful flame with his anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric. He also added to the problems black Americans have been facing by denouncing Black Lives Matter and painting the movement as some kind of domestic terrorist group that needs to be federally investigated.

Along the campaign trail he insulted every marginalized group, including the disabled, which prompted his supporters to feel justified in doing the same. This validation has only grown stronger since Trump clinched the presidency last week.

Thankfully, there is still love and inclusiveness to be found in this country. A New York City teacher made sure his students knew his classroom was a safe space for them with a touching note he posted outside of his classroom door. The message reads:

“I love my Muslim students. I love my black students. I love my Hispanic students. I love my gay students. I love my disabled students. I love my poor students. I love all of my students and I will fight for you, no matter what.

And if he, or anyone else builds that wall, or any wall between us,

I will teach my students how to tear it down.”

Twitter user Micah Sifry shared a photo of the classroom door, noting that his dear friend is the awesome teacher who wrote it.

The response to Sifry’s post was mostly positive, with many thanking him for sharing and hailing his friend as “teacher of the year.”

There were, of course, those who decided to respond with negativity and question why white students were not included in the message.

Other Twitter users quickly clarified that the rights and safety of able-bodied white students have not been threatened by Trump’s rhetoric and therefore don’t need the same reassurance.

But, that goes without saying. Some folks just seem to really enjoy playing devil’s advocate.

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