Teacher Rewards Indian Student For Exam Score With An Insane Gift

After a student Rajasthan ranked in the top 20 for the entrance exam to the Indian Institute of Technology, his coach rewarded him with a red BMW.

Some students may receive small gifts from their parents for doing well on exams, but nothing as extravagant as what Tanmaya Shekhawat was gifted, and certainly not from a teacher.

According to Mashable, after Shekhawat topped an entrance exam to the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), his coaching institute rewarded him with a red BMW worth about 2.75 million Rupees (or $40,900).

His coach at the institute had told students that if they were ranked in the top 20, they would receive the car—the IIT entrance exam is taken by millions of students in India and is extremely competitive.

Shekhawat reportedly has not yet learned to drive, so he will have to take driving lessons in order to actually use his gift. The car is slightly used, having been driven about 900 miles, but that clearly has not diminished its value.

Shekhawat hails from Srikar, a town in the state of Rajasthan, and the coaching institute is hoping to generate some large publicity from this move: “It is trying to become a coaching hub for aspiring engineers,” as Mashable notes.

Gifting your student with a $40,000 BMW will certainly do the trick.

Banner Image Credit: Flickr, BJ Lopez

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