Two Teachers Who Were Contestants On 'Jeopardy' Say 'I Do'

Two teachers who met on "Jeopardy" during a special Teacher's Week are now a happily married couple.

Neither one of these "Jeopardy" contestants won any prize money, but they did become winners in another way.  They found love! 

In 2013, history teacher Maryanne Lewell from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada became the first Canadian teacher to ever be featured on "Jeopardy’s" Teacher’s tournament, and if that's not special enough, she met her future husband while she was a contestant on the show.

Lewell, who appeared in two of the 10 episodes filmed over two days, made it to the semifinals, while her now husband, Michael Townes, who competed on a separate show, did not get past the quarterfinals. They did meet, however, in the green room in Culver, City, California where the game show is filmed.

As they sat waiting anxiously with 13 other contestants they chatted each other up.  Townes learned that Lewell was single and taught social studies and history at a high school in New Brunswick, Canada.

After they went their separate ways, the two remained in contact.

Lewell said in an interview, “The whole group of teachers was really great, and we all kept in touch after we taped, and after the shows aired. As we all started communicating, it became obvious to Michael and to myself that we had a tremendous amount in common.  Soon we were talking back and forth regularly online, and that eventually led into a long-distance relationship.”


Lewell even thanked the producers of the show for their happiness on social media when the two became engaged. 


"We both happen to be kind of nerds, and into the same kind of thing, and with a weird sense of humor, and obviously both smart enough to get on ‘Jeopardy,'" Townes told the broadcaster in an interview. “She was always on my mind,” he added.  “Most of the things I texted her about were really just excuses to talk to her again.”


Below is promotional footage of them that was used for "Jeopardy's" special Teacher’s Week, and they both admit to being "Jeopardy" fans since they were kids. Now that’s a match made in heaven.

The happy couple did invite Alex Trebek to their wedding that took place on July 7 at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, and even though he could not attend he did send them a very beautiful email congratulating them.

 “My congratulations to the couple. Although Maryanne and Michael are not the first Maryanne and Michael are not the first couple to have met at ‘Jeopardy’ and gone on to be married, they participated in one of our best Teachers Tournaments. Even though neither won the competition they certainly are ‘Winners in Love’”.

This is the best wedding toast ever. Congrats to the newlyweds!

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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