Ted Cruz Tries To Show Off His Warm Side, Daughter Shuts Him Down Cold

Ted Cruz tried to indulge in some fatherly displays of affection with his daughter on the campaign trail in Iowa. But things didn’t go too well for him.

When it comes to politics, Ted Cruz is way more familiar with browbeating people into his way of action, whether it's shaming voters with mailers or promising to carpet bomb the Middle East. So it's no surprise that his warm, cuddly side needs a lot of work. 

The Texas Republican senator was recently seen struggling to get a hug from his 7-year-old daughter, Caroline, who made weird faces at him, and gestured to push her father away.

The scenario is one that most parents are familiar with, since children at this age usually aren’t very open to public displays of affection — and most haven't been trotted out on the the campaign trail for months to boot.

Critics on social media didn’t miss the chance to call out Cruz and his relationship with the child, as they drew comparisons of his personal life with his struggle in U.S. politics.




On the other hand, some were more understanding of the incident, and didn’t think it was a big deal.



Cruz has spent nearly his entire presidential campaign trying to get people to like him more than Donald Trump. It's a familiar battle, considering he is apparently the most hated man in the Congress. But who knows if the tables will turn in his favor during Monday's Iowa caucus, the first major test of the presidential primaries.

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