Boys Win Right To Wear Shorts To School After Protesting With Skirts

After wearing skirts in protest of their trouser-only school dress code, these teen boys won the right to wear shorts come next year.

UPDATE: The young boys who protested their academy's dress code by wearing skirts to school will now be able to wear uniform shorts come next year, BBC reported. 

Not only will shorts soon enter the dress code, but boys can currently forgo their jumper or blazer, undo their ties, unbutton the top button of their shirts, and untuck them, too. 

The school claimed that "undue pressure on some of our families" prohibited an immediate change, despite the blazing summer temperatures in the United Kingdom right now. 

While girls are typically the onesfighting against sexist school dress codes, approximately 30 male students from Isca Academy in Devon, United Kingdom, marched into classes on Thursday morning wearing tartan-printed skirts, The Guardian reported. Some even shaved their legs.

The outfits were worn in protest by the boys after their teachers denied their request to wear shorts during the extreme summer heat. After all, the girls were allowed to wear skirts, but the boys could only wear long pants.

The teachers had joked that the boys could wear skirts if they please.

And they did. One boy called the breeze on his legs, "quite refreshing."

The head teacher, Aimee Mitchell, said that in light of the recent heat, the school would consider a future change in kids' uniforms. 

"Children also don't like injustice," one mother told The Guardian. "The boys see the female teachers in sandals and nice cool skirts and tops while they are wearing long trousers and shoes and the older boys have to wear blazers. They just think it's unfair that they can't wear shorts in this heat."

But the reason schools typically forgo summer uniforms is for economic purposes. If some students can't afford summer uniforms, which are only worn for a small portion of the year anyway, then they might feel left out.

While inclusion is a nice sentiment, hopefully, the teachers don't forget the safety of the pupils they're trying not to exclude. Heat exhaustion and dehydration don't make for a good classroom experience.

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