Teen Cries After Receiving 16th Birthday Gift From His Deceased Father

This young man couldn't keep it together after his mother presented him with an unforgettable gift from his father, who bought it for him before he passed away.

A teen received an irreplaceable gift for his 16th birthday — one that came from his father, who had recently passed away.

The young man's sister uploaded a video to Streamable, where viewers were moved by the emotional surprise.


TowMater-TowMoto, the uploader who shared it from Johnny's sister's Facebook included this backstory:

"So today is my little brothers 16th birthday, and his first birthday without our dad. But, dad was always filled with surprises.About a month ago I dropped J off at his guitar lesson, and one of the amazing instructors told me there was something I should see. When she showed me I just dropped to my knees, I just couldn't believe it. But I had to keep it a secret until his birthday.

So this morning I woke up and picked up my brother from school and blindfolded him. Drove him to the music center and this is the outcome. A big thank you goes out to the music center, who helped keep my dads dream alive."

Standing in a shop, Johnny's sister gives him a card from his dad. The card appears to strike a chord, but that's only the beginning.

Two workers bring out a large black case, open it up, and inside is an electric guitar. "Dad bought it for you before he passed away," she says. "For your birthday. Happy birthday, buddy."

Johnny breaks down, and with him, the internet. Users on Reddit were quick to react, pushing the video to the site's front page.

"What an amazing dad he must've been, I'm sure the kid will cherish that guitar for the rest of his life, "FalconCarumell commented.TooShiftyForYou said, "Man, this one hit hard. Without knowing the context you're just watching the kid and wondering why he looks so bummed out on his birthday. Then to have it revealed with his reaction was just heartbreaking. Cherish the guitar Johnny."

I don't know about you, but I'm going to go give my dad a hug.

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