Honest Teen Finds ‘Thor’ Actor’s Wallet And Gets $10,000 Reward

A heroic boy scout was showered with rewards after coming to 'Thor' actor Chris Hemsworth's rescue when he left his wallet at a Los Angeles restaurant.

Actor Chris Hemsworth —most known for his role as Marvel superhero Thor — recently forgot his wallet at a Los Angeles restaurant. All hope was not lost, however, because 17-year-old Tristin Budzyn-Baker retrieved and returned it to him.

"I looked up at my mom and was like, 'ma, do you know who this is?'" he said Monday on an episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” "We found Thor's wallet."

Budzyn-Baker, a boy scout, went into Good Samaritan mode and returned the wallet completely intact with all the contents and money in place.

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"I expected it was going to be empty and all the cash was in there" Hemsworth said on Ellen while sitting beside Budzyn-Baker.

For being honest and noble, Hemsworth rewarded Budzyn-Baker with tickets to the Ellen show, a stack of cash, and a recommendation letter for the Eagle Scout Award.

The rewards kept coming with a $10,000 reward from the publishing company Shutterfly.

Budzyn-Baker could have kept the wallet and the money or just took the money and anonymously returned the wallet — which may have crossed his mind — but instead of making a selfish decision he took the high road which came back to him two-fold!

The encounter serves as a reminder that being honest and doing the right thing can be rewarding.

Not only does Budzyn-Baker have a clear conscience free of guilt and remorse, but he now also has a nice lump sum of cash that amounts to much more than what was in Hemsworth’s wallet to begin with.  

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