Teen Fired From Jack In The Box For Giving Vet Free 99 Cent Tacos

In a heartless move by Jack in the Box, a teenager got canned for giving an army veteran leftover tacos that would have been thrown away anyway.

On Tuesday, Facebook user Daniel Ortiz posted a frustrating story of a young man working at a Jack in the Box fast food franchise in central California who got fired for giving a military veteran free food.

Alex Mesta, 19, was working at a Jack in the Box in Bakersfield, California, when one of his regular customers came inside.

Because the two had an ongoing rapport, Mesta was well aware that the elderly man was an army veteran. He regularly received the Jack in the Box discount for those who have worked or presently serve in the armed forces.

Mesta, whose older brother serves in the military, wanted to give the veteran his coffee for free and thought it would be no big deal since it was just worth 80 cents with his veteran discount.

He told Fox News, "Since he's a vet, I don't think I should charge him for his coffee. It's like, not even a dollar for his coffee."

The veteran refused to not pay for his coffee, so Mesta decided to give him two tacos for free which were left behind from a previous customer. A pair of tacos at Jack in the Box is sold for 99 cents.

The tacos would have to be thrown away because they were left over, according to Jack in the Box health regulations. Mesta explained of the franchise procedure, "It's either throw them away or make them for him."

Well, a person from the corporate office caught him giving away the free tacos on surveillance camera one night and punished him for the good deed by taking away his job. Mesta had worked there as a dedicated employee since he was 17.

According to a statement released by a Jack in the Box spokesperson, this wasn’t the first time that Mesta had given away free food to customers, nor was the decision to fire him based on this single occurrence.

However, despite this claim from the corporate office, it was this very incident with the veteran which led to Mesta losing his job. Mesta said in his defense, “I know what I did wasn’t right to them, but to me, it felt right.”

Hopefully Mesta will be able to find a new job soon.

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