Teen Forbidden From Bringing Girlfriend To Catholic School Prom

"There are other gay people at the school, and a couple of the students there have gay parents," high school student Paula Goodgame said to BuzzFeed.

Social media is abuzz after a high school junior was told she won't be allowed to bring her girlfriend to prom.

Paula Goodgame is a recent transfer student to St. Petersburg Catholic High School in Florida, and she's been with her girlfriend, Anjali Persad, for around four months, BuzzFeed News reports

However, it seems Goodgame won't be allowed to bring Persad, who attends a different private school, to prom as her date. 

She received an incredibly disconcerting email from her guidance counselor after she inquired about bringing Persad:

"Students are not allowed to bring people of the same sexes [sic] their date. However, if you could have one of your male friends ask her as his date that would probably work. If you have any other questions about what is allowed, let me know :)"

The email reads as though the counselor was trying to find a way around the school rule for Goodgame's benefit, but it came off as awkward and tactless. 

In an email to BuzzFeed News, Goodgame said,

"I just transferred here and I don't exactly have too many friends, and that added on with the social anxiety of prom makes me feel like prom would be awkward for me. Because of that and news I heard from my friend, I was asking for confirmation if I could bring my girlfriend to prom. That way I could have a familiar face in the crowd and be with my date."

Twitter, for its part, is rallying behind the couple, with some even offering to email on their behalves.

And some simply offered their condolences in a disheartening situation.

No word yet on whether the obsolete and discriminatory rule has been rewritten, but Goodgame and Persad said they are thankful for the communal unity.

"I really love all the love and support we've received since the tweet blew up," Persad said to BuzzFeed News. "It's been really amazing watching the LGBT community stick up for each other. I hope that all other LGBT students in our situation can find courage to stand up for themselves and for others so we can find equality for all."

Sounds like the couple is onto something here — something far bigger and greater than prom.

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