Teen Slams Sexist Dress Code In Epic T-Shirt

“I made her the white shirt and told her to put it in her locker," Isabella Villegas, 18, said to BuzzFeed News after her sister received negative comments.

These days, adolescents aren't afraid to question school dress codes — or whom administrators target to enforce it, which is often young women or girls. 

Such was the case for Isabella Villegas, 18, and her sister Grace, 13. The two teens live in Kansas, BuzzFeed News reports.

It all started when Grace wore an off-the-shoulders top to her middle school. The top is pictured in the tweet below, posted by Isabella.

Not only is the shirt cute, but it's far from inappropriate. In fact, it's hard to even imagine teachers making an issue of it, but that's exactly what happened.

"I went into school and I received some looks from teachers, just not nice looks," Grace said to BuzzFeed News. "Instantly I was like, Okay, I’m going to get dress-coded, and I felt the need to change."

She told BuzzFeed she also received negative comments about the shirt, so she changed into another one that she had brought with her to school that day.

But her sister Isabella wasn't having it. 

“Nothing about her top was inappropriate,” Isabella told BuzzFeed News, adding that she was "extremely angry."

This prompted her brilliant decision to create a feminist t-shirt for Grace to wear if the incident happens again. 

The shirt reads:


-promotes the objectification & sexualization of young bodies

-blames the wearer for the onlooker's perceptions/actions

-perpetuates rape culture

-is BS"

For the most part, Twitter was here for it.

We commend Isabella's strong stand against sexism. It's important now, more than ever before, as women's rights are continually threatened by a misogynistic administration. Challenging sexist culture at its exposition — in the education system, no less — lays the foundation for a bright, female-driven future. 

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