Teen Pays Tribute To Police Brutality Victims With Her Prom Dress

A Florida teen's prom dress featuring a collage of black victims of police brutality including Trayvon Martin and Sandra Bland took the internet by storm.


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A Florida teen broke the internet over the weekend with her powerful prom dress.

High school student Milan Morris and designer Terrence Torrence brought a vision to life that has elicited praise and criticism. The formal floor-length gown was an eye-catching tribute to black victims of police brutality, including Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, and Trayvon Martin, among many others.

The black lace dress worn by the bold 17-year-old featured a collage of the victims' faces.

“Yes I'm black. Yes I'm 17," Morris wrote as her caption on Instagram. "Yes GOD is using me to convey a message that's bigger than me."

Once Morris posted her photos on social media, the internet wasted no time weighing in on whether the dress was truly meaningful or just morbid. The photos went viral almost immediately, racking up likes, retweets, and comments by the thousands.

According to Essence, Morris credits Torrence as the genius behind the wearable work of art.

“He was the mastermind behind this whole thing honestly,” she reportedly said.

Torrence said he had the idea for the dress in mind for more than a year, but once he found someone to wear it, it took only four days to make, Mic reports.

"It was powerful. It was art. It was surreal. It spoke volumes," the young designer reportedly told Essence. "It was powerful and a movement and I knew people would respond to it."

People definitely responded, with most of the reaction being overwhelmingly positive and applauding Morris’ bravery for being willing to wear something that would inevitably spark controversy.

Carbonated.TV has reached out to Morris for further comment. 

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