Carjacking Suspect Thought To Be 'Light-Skinned' Black Actually White

Zachary C. Scott, 17, is being charged with multiple crimes that could land him life imprisonment. He's held on a $100,000 bond in Washtenaw County.

A teen who has had many issues with the law is being charged for a carjacking that took place on April 7 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, reports

The incident happened around 1 a.m. that day, in the 400 block of East Washington Street. The alleged criminal, 17-year-old Zachary C. Scott, opened the passenger door of a 30-year-old driver. He was brandishing a gun, and he forced the victim to hand over his car and cell phone.

From there, Scott drove the car quickly westbound on Washington, later crashing into a parked car. From this point, he ran away on foot.

According to Ann Arbor Police Detective Lt. Matthew Lige, Scott was arrested later that day after a patron on a bus spotted Scott's airsoft handgun in his waistband. Police detained him at around 8 p.m.

Turns out, Scott was in possession of two other airsoft guns plus a mask, and he became a suspect for the car theft. Although the victim described the suspect as a light-skinned black male, Lige said the lighting may have thrown off the man's judgment — which is one way to explain it. 

Although the man likely meant no malice by his description of the criminal, let's face it — his mistake is indicative of a larger racial stereotyping issue in society. 

As for Scott, his run-ins with the law are abundant: He was a juvenile delinquent and has admitted to first-degree home invasion, retail fraud, unlawful driving away without a motor vehicle, entry without breaking, third-degree fleeing police, and concealing or receiving $1,000 or more (but less than $20,000) of stolen property. 

His new charges are plentiful, and they include obstructing and assaulting a police officer, armed robbery, carjacking, and felony firearm, and he may be facing a life behind bars. 

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