Teen Dying Of Brain Cancer Receives 33,000 Get Well Cards

Captioning photos on her Facebook page, Sabine Wortelboer wrote, "We had not thought that there would be so many cards, flowers, balloons, presents."

A teen in the Netherlands who is fighting brain cancer has reportedly received more than 33,000 cards after posting about her plight on Facebook.

The Independent reports 15-year-old Sabine Wortelboer has officially ceased treatment after her brother raised money for special assistance in the United States. Most unfortunately, Wortelboer was forced to quit the medication due to gastrointestinal inflammation. 

Wortelboer was diagnosed more than a year ago, when she was 14.

In a heartbreaking Facebook post, Wortelboer detailed her struggles, included her address, and asked users to send her "sweet cards." 

The post, loosely translated from Dutch, reads, 

"After the result of yesterday stopped all the medication. It's not gonna happen again. Most of the time I lie down to sleep, but I'd really like to see more lovely people, which I know well. But that's pretty tricky, because there are a lot of things and I can't do that so good. I'd really appreciate it to the next one so a big bowl of sweet cards from a lot of people to get. I think it's time to say goodbye. Lots of love, Sabine."

Wortelboer has since posted about the support she has received — which was so incredible, a designated team at the Dutch postal service reportedly had to help organize her mail.

Captioning the beautiful photos, Wortelboer wrote,

"We had not thought that there would be so many cards, flowers, balloons, presents. It's really overwhelming to many and wonderful. So much love for me. Thank you."

Our positive thoughts are with her and her family.  

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