Teens Decorate Jewish Girl's Birthday Cupcake With A Swastika

A Jewish Arizona mother was upset when friends at her daughter's party decorated a cupcake with a swastika. The image went viral.

Arizona's 12 News reports that a 14-year-old girl and her mother were upset when party-goers at the girl's birthday celebration decided to decorate a cupcake with a swastika.

The girl's friends reportedly knew the symbol's meaning, but still thought decorating a cupcake with the Nazi symbol would "be funny."

According to the Phoenix New Times, the girls used Snapchat to share the image of the cupcake. Deborah Muller, the birthday girl's mother, posted about the incident on Facebook in a statement that has since been deleted.

In the post, Muller stated that she simply wanted to offer a "teaching moment" to other parents, saying, "May everyone who replied, responded and shared use this as a teaching moment for themselves and their kids and know we HAVE the ability and NEED to use it to make this world a better place for everyone." 

According to an update on Phoenix New Times, the girls and their parents have since apologized and Muller has reached out to their school to continue the education of their fellow students on the seriousness of the symbol.

As hate crimes continue to rise in the aftermath of Donald Trump's election, swastikas have been marring many public spaces. As we see the effects of a Trump presidency on children, it is important to reinforce acceptance, tolerance, and decent behavior on impressionable, younger Americans.

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @firstwefeast

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