Teens Overjoyed As Justin Trudeau Casually Photobombs Their Prom Shoot

As these teens readied to take some prom photos, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau turned their private event into an unforgettable moment.

Unlike President Donald Trump, whose actions seem to bring more and more Americans to tears as time goes by, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to bring nothing but joy to his fellow Canadians.

During a Friday prom photo shoot on the Seafront of Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, a group of teens was pleasantly surprised to see Trudeau out and about for a casual run. As it turns out, Trudeau's official photographer, Adam Scotti, was documenting the run, snapping a photo at the very moment some of the teens readying for their shots noticed who had just run by.

Trudeau was kind enough to pause for a photo with the group.



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As you can see in the photo, Trudeau appears to be bursting with joy, but he isn't the only one hardly containing himself as the photographer points the camera at the group.

Something tells us that these teens may have one of the most memorable proms to date.

While this image could easily make for one of the most darling in Trudeau's career, this isn't the first time the prime minister turned a casual encounter into a perfect Kodak moment.

Back in 2016, the prime minister photobombed a wedding photo as he nonchalantly stood shirtless in the background while holding on to a surfboard.

A teen was also able to take a selfie with the PM while hiking at Lusk Cave.

How lucky are these folks?

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