Teens Thought Writing The N-Word On Their Stomachs Was A Good Idea

Four white teens have been suspended from school after a photo of them surfaced on the Internet with a racial epithet written across their stomachs.

Four Michigan teens either felt the need to stir up some controversy or simply don’t know how the Internet works.

Three out of four teens wrote racial slurs across their stomachs and then posted a photo on social media which began circulating rapidly.

The infamously hateful word they chose to advertise on their abdomens was: “N*gger.”

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The teens are students at Gross Pointe South High School and although the incident took place at an off-campus party, they were all suspended from school after other students reported the pictures, according to Mic.

Two other students were also suspended for threatening the “snitches” who told the school administration about the racist act.

"The threats were basically around the whole idea of snitches and why did you tell on these four?" Grosse Point Public School System Superintendent Gary Niehaus told Fox 2 Detroit.

Out of the 1,700 students that attend Grosse Point, only 185 of them are black. While this demographic, by no means, excuses the group's behavior, it does point to how they could be so reckless and ignorant.

While living in a predominately white bubble, racial awareness and healthy race relations are very minor concerns for them.

They were obviously living under a rock when a group of Arizona teens was condemned for essentially the same hateful stunt.

It appears at least one of them attempted to showcase his “positive” views toward black people despite using the derogatory epithet because his stomach said, “I ‘heart’ N*ggers” with a smiley face while he wore a Run DMC t-shirt. 

Young people tend to make poor decisions that they later regret, but unfortunately, once something is out on the Internet there is no turning back. No amount of apologies or suspensions is going to save these teens’ reputations. They will forever be deemed ignorant and racist. 

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