Hilarious Teleprompter Error Highlights The Importance Of Spell Check

A news anchor read his script from the teleprompter without noticing a critical spelling error that took the segment in a completely different direction.

Teleprompters are a great asset to news reporters — except when someone misspells a word.

Richmond, Virginia news anchor Eric Phillips was supposed to be reporting on recalled rice cookers, however, a teleprompter error led him astray and he started the segment by telling viewers to examine their undergarments.

Instead of suggesting that viewers “check your pantries” — where one would likely store a rice cooker — Phillips read “check your panties,” thanks to a tiny typo that significantly and egregiously changed the nature of the report.

As he carried on with the segment, it took just a few seconds for Phillips to realize the error.

He halted the broadcast to address the off-screen crew saying, “I think that was supposed to be pantries,” which garnered laughter on the set that lasted through the duration of the segment.

His co-host apologized profusely through her giggles, "I couldn’t warn you Eric, I’m so sorry!” 

While the blunder may be hilarious to us, whoever was responsible for feeding words into the teleprompter will likely face some form of backlash for the mistake. Nevertheless, the internet got a great laugh out of the ordeal.

 Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @WBRCNews

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