Hilarious: Swedes Mull Jumping Off A 10-Meter Diving Board

“The presence of the camera as well as the social pressure pushed some of the participants to jump, which made their behavior even more interesting.”

Jumping off a diving board is as thrilling for some as it is terrifying for others. A social experiment challenged people to walk to the edge of a diving board on a 10-meter tower. The challenge, documented by Maximilien Van Aertryckand and Axel Danielson, titled “Ten Meter Tower,” aims to capture the human emotion of doubt.

Aertryckand and Danielson are documentary film makers based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The 67 participants, who had never been on such a huge tower before, were chosen through an online advertisement. They were filmed with six cameras and several microphones. However, they were unaware of the fact that they were about to dive. About 70 percent of the participants ultimately jumped off.

Each participant was paid around $30 to climb up the diving board and walk to the edge.

There's no music to accompany the video but instead you can hear nervous breathing and mutterings. Camera angles show the viewer what the participants can see — a staggering drop into the blue pool.

The filmmakers aim to portray human behavior rather than narrating their stories. “Ten Meter Tower” appeared at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

Some of the participants jumped off the diving board because of the presence of camera, as well as social pressure from those awaiting their turn beside the pool.

Twitter was fascinated by the mesmerizing reactions as well:







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