Terrifying Tornado Photobombs Couple's Prom Pictures

A Colorado couple's unforgettable prom pictures are taking the internet by storm because they feature a terrifying natural disaster in the background.

On prom night you can expect wardrobe malfunctions, dates cancelling last minute, car troubles, and other typical mishaps but one disaster that isn’t so predictable is a tornado photobombing your pictures.

Colorado teen Ali Marintzer and her boyfriend Charlie Bator were getting ready to head out to the Wray High School prom on Saturday when a terrifying twister struck just a few miles away from Marintzer’s home.

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Although they could see the tornado clearly, it wasn’t close enough to their neck of the woods to be a threat. They carried on with their plans and even posed for a pre-prom photo in front of the funneling cyclone.

You can safely say that’s probably better than any cliché draped backdrop that the hired photographers brought to the dance.

Although the couple didn’t feel threatened by the tornado, Marintzer did tell local reporters that the dance was delayed by about 45 minutes until school officials were able to make sure students were safe.

According to the Huffington Post, multiple tornadoes hit the area over the weekend with about a handful of people sustaining minor injuries and buildings suffering damage — but none of the storms caused any severe harm.

Needless to say, Marintzer and Bator’s remarkable photo has gone viral with the many people expressing shock and awe. 

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Thumbnail Credit: Twitter @Fox13News

Banner Credit: Wikimedia/OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)

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