Terrifying ‘Trumpkins’ Are Even Scarier Than The Real Donald

People have taken their creativity to new heights by ditching the traditional jack-o-lantern and carving Donald Trump’s face into Halloween pumpkins.

trump halloween

Donald Trump is known for many things. He’s a real estate mogul, reality television personality, a groper, a racist, and the 2016 Republican presidential candidate.

In addition to all of that, one of the most notable things about him is his vibrant orange skin. In fact, throughout his presidential campaign, the nickname “Orange Coward Trump” has been bestowed upon him.

His skin has been the source of much confusion. People have questioned whether his illuminate orange hue is due to a bad spray tan, makeup, or one too many sun burns. Alas, there is no definitive answer.

With Halloween just around the corner, it seems that many Americans have determined that although Trump is on track to lose the presidency, his discolored skin makes him the perfect mascot for the upcoming holiday, which centers heavily around giant, orange pumpkins.

People throughout the country have carved their Halloween gourds in Trump’s likeness, creating a trend called “Trumpkins.”

It’s pure genius. After all, Trump has all the makings of the perfect horror villain. He’s scary looking, he preys on Americans’ deepest fears, and he’s orange.

There are different variations of the Trumpkin, but one attribute they all have in common is Trump’s infamous floppy comb over.  


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You no longer need to put witches, skeletons, and ghosts outside your front door for a spooky scene to scare trick-or-treaters; all you need is a Trumpkin. 

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